..a american german story

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  • Racquel

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  • Mark


 I’ve always been looking for a singer and singer. I love the music and the songs of the EAGLES. There are also singers and singers in Germany, but I wanted Americans.

I used to know RACQUEL ROBERTS from a studio in LA. She sang in a studio for me, but had separated from the studio. I knew that she was the singer for us. I write the text and give her the melody. The result surprises me again and again.

Before founding band schos I had a singer for my songs. For the rock songs I always wanted a singer, preferably baritone. I recording  my first songs in a studio in LA. There was a guy who has exactly this „tube“! Let’s call him MR. APOLLEUS. I am not allowed to give the correct name. only so much, he is a well-known singer in the USA. I was looking for a bassist and drummer and was lucky with MARK CORADETTI on bass and PAUL SIMMONS on drums. Our first song was „ANIMALS“. Singer MR. APOLLEUS. Mark and Paul were skeptical at first, but I had them on board after Animals. Paul is a 150% rock drummer, while Mark is a jazzman. But that’s the salt in the soup, or band. What was missing was a guitarist. CLINT WELLS became our guitarist. Clint really plays everything and is a calm, thoughtful person.

Everyone in our band has their own studio. The advantage is that we have time ! We work since 2015. We do not know each other personally. The strange thing is this friendship across the Atlantic. I can not describe that feeling. But I’m sure we are very good friends. Our music style. Hard to explain, but I think Blues with Westcoast, Southern and Blues Rock, but also ballads and we are still looking for OUR STYLE. According to our motto,